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Carolyn's Care

Jess Wilder

Mar 17, 2023

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Carolyn’s Care is a non-profit very near and dear to my heart, this was founded in honor of my mom. She was always someone who put everyone first and didn’t give much time or thought to her own needs. In doing this her health often suffered as a result. 

Throughout the years she was told she needed a hysterectomy but due to finances she never had it done. Mom was never one to complain or even let on like anything was wrong. 

She had been feeling bad for quite some time but was so accustomed to taking care of everyone else and not focusing on her own needs, she brushed it under the rug. It did however finally get to the point where she knew something wasn’t right and did make an appointment. 

My dad, sister and I sat in the room with her when the doctor told her she had cancer, 6 months later my mom went to be with Jesus. 

Not once in those six months did she complain, not once did she feel sorry for herself, not once did she want any special treatment.

Until her last moments she was still concerned about her loved ones and making sure they would be ok after she was gone. She was not concerned with herself, she knew she would be with Jesus.

I know in my heart she is well, she is actually better than all of us who are still here. However, I do miss her and at the time she went to be with Jesus I was 36 years old with two young girls. I can’t help but think about all the precious time we have missed out on not having her here. 

It is our passion and our purpose to make sure we help other families not suffer the loss of someone they love because the funds are simply not there.

Carolyn’s Care is a non-profit that is dedicated to help women who can’t afford routine checkups, who need help with procedures that otherwise they couldn’t get.

We do not discriminate….men are welcome as well. We are here to help anyone in need. 

Carolyn's Care is making an impact each and every day, we have helped with medicine, doctor's appointments, thermal scans, mammograms, x-rays, lab work,

treatments and procedures. 

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