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Melissa Cash, ND

Naturopath Doctor, A General in God's Army, Certified Natural Health Professional, & Certified Health Coach




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2109 E Highway 377

Granbury, Texas 76049

(Inside Head 2 Toe Salon)

Hosting for Hope

Unlocking the True Potential of Thermography

Are you interested in becoming a Host for Hope? Melissa Cash, ND provides an unique opportunity to offer clients an additional service journey that they need but may not have access to. With Hosting for Hope, clients can explore and create their personalized IHIT (In HIS Image thermography) Blueprint. Melissa Cash, founder and developer of the IHIT- Blueprint consists of a 30 minute consultation, a thermography scan, review of scans, The IHIT- Blueprint and optional access to the Inner Circle App where the true transformation happens!

Host Requirements

In order to become a Hope Host there are several criteria that must be met, such as:

Advertising Requirements

Minimum Bookings Requirements

Location Requirements

Advertising is essential to a successful hosting stay, but it doesn't always have to be expensive. We ask that you partner with us in the advertising efforts. This could include an email blast to current clients, office posters and signs, social media ads and any other business-to-business marketing efforts you think would be beneficial.

To cover the cost of travel, lodging and other incidentals, at least seven Thermography Scan appointments must be booked.

Currently we have established hosting locations in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. To ensure that our Hosting for Hope program continues to grow, we need future Hosting for Hope locations to be in a reasonable distance to these three states. It is our goal to continue to grow and expand our radius of locations as well.

Become a Host

Don't miss out on your chance to become a Host for Hope and make a real impact on your clients! Join Melissa in partnering in a unique opportunity to expand your business model and offer your clients an additional service journey they need but may not have access to.

Thanks for submitting! Melissa will get with you shortly!

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