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Join the Inner Circle

Are you ready to walk in total freedom?

What’s standing in your way of the mental health and freedom you desire? Could it be you don’t know where to start? Do you need accountability and direction? Have you lost your sense of PURPOSE and PASSION?

3-Fold Approach

Your health journey is a threefold process and membership in this group will cover all three: mental, physical and spiritual. It’s all right here in the Hope, Healing, and Health with Melissa Cash in the Inner Circle. You will be encouraged, uplifted and prayed for, all while having  access to a Naturopathic Doctor with 18+ years experience in ministry to guide you on your journey. 

A Safe Space

The Inner Circle is a place where you can experience prophetic words to help you navigate day-to-day life: A place where a Naturopathic Doctor shares valuable remedies to help you and your family heal how God intended, using everyday natural resources. A place where you will be uplifted, encouraged, and prayed for. 

What is Included?

Mental health check-ins. Get loved on and accountability.

Health tips and supplement recommendations for health protocols.

Weekly teachings and tips by Melissa Cash N.D., ebooks and courses.

eBooks and worksheets that help you along your journey. Courses you take at your own pace.

Encouragement from Melissa Cash ND and other women who are going through the same thing.

Inner Circle

Membership Benefits

Weekly teachings that will empower, motivate and bring healing mentally, physically and spiritually

Motivation with doable tips to keep you on track with your goals

Weekly live or video teachings on topics that affect the everyday person

Accountability and fellowship with like minded people on the same journey

How to detox your mind, body and spirit

Answers to basic health questions

Teachings on how the human body can heal itself

A blueprint of how to live the life God called you to live

Go-to herb and supplement recommendations to have on hand in a crisis

Inner Circle Logo (15).png

You’re only as good as you feel, so let’s start this journey to feeling GREAT and walking out the calling God has placed upon your life!

Join Us in Hope, Healing and Health with Melissa Cash ND

Membership that works for you.

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