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Where There's Hope There is Healing

Hope, Healing and Health with Melissa Cash, ND

Meet Melissa

Naturopath Doctor & a General in God's Army

I’m a Traditional Naturopath, not a Medical Doctor, with 18 years in ministry. That means I do not prescribe medicines, but rather recommend nutritional, supplemental and lifestyle changes that will give your body what it needs to naturally heal itself. More importantly I help you find your purpose and passion while healing old wounds. This is only done by relying on God.​


Helping people live healthy lives…mentally, physically and spiritually while discovering their purpose and passion. - Melissa Cash

"Melissa has had a huge impact on my life simply by being all God has called her to be."

- Lynn Reid

"Just got off the phone with Melissa, for our first consult. Oh my goodness, I feel so listened to!"

- Bess Blanco

"When the Lord does a thing, He does it well! My connection with Melissa has been nothing short of divine."

- LaTroya Handy

Hosting for Hope

What if there was a simple, practically effortless way of offering your clients the additional service journey they need and deserve?  What if this service journey was quick, easy and practically effortless on your behalf?  Over the last 18 years Melissa Cash, ND has been led by God to provide this solution for you and your clients – Hosting for Hope.

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